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Pedagogy of Care and Upbringing (DUx-POW)

(in Polish: pedagogika, specjalność pedagogika opiekuńczo-wychowawcza)
second cycle degree studies
full-time, 4 semesters
Language: Polish
No description for the programme.

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) Magisterium na kierunku pedagogika

Access to further studies:

doctoral studies, postgraduate studies

Professional status:

The graduate possesses: - pedagogical preparation to work as a teacher, educator and another education worker (in the understanding of the Teachers` Charter) in institutions of the system of education (in accordance with the Act on the System of Education). Diploma holder also has the competence to work in: - care-education institutions; - environmental day care rooms, day care centers and preventive and educational clubs; - nurseries and child center (as career); - kindergarten boarding houses, shelters, boarding houses, school day care; - institutions organizing free time for children and supporting the development of children, youth and elderly people; - institutions dealing with diagnostics, counseling and therapy; - family diagnostic and consulting center; - care institutions for elderly people; - Institutions involved in the provision of care for terminally ill persons and their families; - centers of child and family support. Legal issues are regulated by the following: - Regulation of the Minister of National Education from 12th of March 2009 on specific qualifications required from teachers and on the specification of schools and cases in which either teachers with no higher education or the ones with unfinished training at a teacher education facility, can be employed (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland from 27th of March 2009, No. 50, item 400, with further amendments); and art. 9 par. 2 of the Act from 26th of January 1982 – Teachers` Charter (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland of 1982, No. 3, item. 19,with further amendments;); - Act on the Education System from 7th of September 1991 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland of 1997, No. 95, item 425). - Act from 4th of February 2011 on caring for children under 3 years old (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland of 2011, No. 45, item 235 with further amendments); - Regulation of the Minister of Education from 12th of March 2009, par. 4, section 1, item3 and par. 24, item1), - Regulation of the Minister of Justice from 3rd of August 2001 of organization and action of family diagnostic and consulting center (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland from 2001, No. 97, item 1063); - Social Assistance Act from 12th of March 2004 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland of 2004, No. 64, item 593); - Act of June 9th 2011 on Family support and kinship placement under a care order (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland No.149. item 887 with further amendments).

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes for the field of study were specified by the Resolution No. 334/2011/2012 of the Senate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań adopted on 28 May 2012. The Resolution with attachments is available on the website: www.amu.edu.pl