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Study programmes > All studies > Neurobiology > (in Polish) neurobiologia (prow. wspól. UAM, AWF, UP,UM)

(in Polish) neurobiologia (prow. wspól. UAM, AWF, UP,UM) (DUx-NEU)

(in Polish: neurobiologia (prow. wspól. UAM, AWF, UP,UM))
second cycle degree studies
full-time, 2 years
Language: Polish
No description for the programme.

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) Magisterium na kierunku neurobiologia

Access to further studies:

doctoral studies, postgraduate stadies

Professional status:

The graduate has knowledge in neurobiology including information on the structure and activity of the brain and other nervous system components of various groups of animals and human. He/She is able to analyze the functioning of the nervous system in various aspects: from molecular and cellular through systemic and cognitive to behavioral. The graduate knows molecular and cellular mechanisms of normal and abnormal brain functions, including nervous system disorders, and the ability to use the acquired knowledge in experimental therapy. The graduate is provided with knowledge and practical skills in advanced laboratory techniques, and is ready to take up PhD studies in domestic and foreign higher education institutions, particularly in the field of neuroscience, and to work in scientific and educational units, diagnostic and biomedical laboratories, veterinary clinics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Learning outcomes

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Learning outcomes for the field of study were specified by the Resolution No. 157/2017/2018 of the Senate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań adopted on 23 April 2018. The Resolution with attachments is available on the website: www.amu.edu.pl