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Study programmes > All studies > History of Art > (in Polish) historia sztuki

(in Polish) historia sztuki (DLx-HistSzt)

(in Polish: historia sztuki)
first cycle degree studies
full-time, 6 semesters
Language: Polish
No description for the programme.

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) Licencjat na kierunku historia sztuki

Access to further studies:

second-cycle degree studies, postgraduate studies

Professional status:

The graduate of the first degree studies has skills and knowledge comprising: -The basic history of Polish and european art -The basic problems of museums and protection of cultural property -Iconography and iconology -Theory and methodology of art and artistic criticism -The market of the works of art - The graduate knows the special language of the discipline -Knows a foreign language on B2 level of the european system of language education established by the European Council -Qualifications and professional entitlements in subsidiary range: -Documentation of monuments -Preparing the exhibitions of the works of art -Popularising art --Turnover of the works of art -Working in schools (refers to the graduates of teaching speciality according to the standards of education preparing for teacher's job)

Learning outcomes

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Learning outcomes for the field of study were specified by the Resolution No. 340/2011/2012 of the Senate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań adopted on 25 June 2012. The Resolution with attachments is available on the website: www.amu.edu.pl