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Study programmes > All studies > History > (in Polish) historia, specjalność mediewistyka (ost. rek. 2019/2020)

(in Polish) historia, specjalność mediewistyka (ost. rek. 2019/2020) (DUx-HM)

(in Polish: historia, specjalność mediewistyka (ost. rek. 2019/2020))
second cycle degree studies
full-time, 2 years
Language: Polish
No description for the programme.

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) Magisterium na kierunku historia, specjalność mediewistyka

Access to further studies:

doctoral studies, postgraduate studies

Professional status:

The second cycle programme (master’s degree level) in History is not only a continuation of the first cycle programme in History; it is intended also for anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree in any humanities disciplines (or its equivalent recognised in the European Union). The second cycle programme in History increases and broadens the body of knowledge, skills and capacities obtained during the first cycle studies. Graduates of the second cycle programme in History with a specialisation in medieval studies are expected to acquire fluency in a foreign language at B2+ level in accordance with the requirements pertaining to non-major foreign languages established for a specific area and education level in the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education. Their command of Latin will have enabled them to conduct independent research on texts in Latin. In the field of historical studies, graduates will have demonstrated a thorough, specialist and unique mastery of: 1) a comprehensive body of knowledge in selected issues in Polish and Worldwide medieval history; 2) in-depth research skills in the field of historical research; 3) practical ability to conduct interdisciplinary research. The requirement to participate in a M.A. seminar will have allowed graduates to familiarise with in-depth historical research, particularly the theory and methods of historical research, and research procedures specific to medieval studies. Through the master’s degree level programme in History with specialisation in medieval studies graduates will have acquired the knowledge and practical skills in the field of historical culture. In addition, postgraduate research graduates will have obtained participatory skills, including: 1) teamwork skills; 2) creative and critical thinking skills; 3) reliability, independence, responsibility and consistency.

Learning outcomes

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Learning outcomes for the field of study were specified by the Resolution No. 340/2011/2012 of the Senate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań adopted on 25 June 2012. The Resolution with attachments is available on the website: www.amu.edu.pl